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About Us

As a local contractor, Sayre Builders plays a role in the community by hiring local help and sub contractors.
This allows us to be personally involved in the decisions that make our projects fit your needs. We allow you to work with a contractor where the owner of the business is in the middle of the operations of your project.

It’s not only about working with you on your project or completing the project to fit your needs. The quality of our work reflects directly on our family’s name. We will not compromise quality on your project, because we value your home and the work that we do. We commit to a well-finished, quality result in making your home more beautiful.

Sayre Builders began in 1998. Our concentration is placed on the construction of numerous Heckaman Homes, stick built new homes, and countless remodeling and addition projects. We work on siding, windows and roofs, decks, as well as bathrooms and kitchens.

In 2005, the home on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Dearing Road was built and it now serves as both Mark's residence and a model home. It is a good example of how the combination of Heckaman Homes and a good contractor can create a beautiful place to live. This location displays both their work and Mark's with a full finished basement and attached garage.

Mark Sayre

"I love what I do. I get to own these jobs. I become personally involved, and love the hands-on aspect of what I get to do. It’s important that I do it well. I like to think I am personable. If we run into each other in public, a friendly hello would take place. My earliest memory of this field of work is when I was a little boy driving nails into the steps of our basement in the house I where I was raised in Pleasant Lake. Shortly after, I was building all sorts of forts- in trees, behind bushes and anywhere else with a good view. I helped my dad build fences and barns. In high school, I attended building trade courses at the career center. That gave me a co-op opportunity to work as an apprentice alongside a builder before I graduated. My training out of high school with a local contractor and my own experience growing up helped launch my professional building career." ~ Mark Sayre

Roofing, Siding, Windows, and Doors

Sayre Builders is a local contractor that plays a role in the community hiring local help and sub contractors. We will always…

Work directly with you to bring your vision to completion
Maintain open communication so you know the status of your project as it develops
Find ways to create what you are looking for while working with your budget
 Be honest and fair as we work with you; we aren’t interested in using high-pressure salesmen or ads that scream at you to call now
Develop a relationship with you to keep the door open and generate return business
 Allow you to work with a contractor where the owner of the business is in the middle of the operations of the project
Work to address your home improvement or project in the best way possible to meet your goals

If you have an insurance claim, we are here to help you. Simply tell your agent that you would like to work with Sayre Builders. Many people are led to believe that they must go with a builder that their insurance company suggests. In most cases this is just not true; don't let them tell you differently.  You have a right to select the builder of your choice.

Sayre Builders - Jackson Michigan Builder
Sayre Builders - Jackson Michigan Builder
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Sayre Builders - Jackson Michigan Builder
Sayre Builders
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Sayre Builders - Jackson Michigan Builder
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